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Old Dunstonian Association


Old Dunstonian Association

The Old Dunstonian Association (ODA) is the alumni organisation for former pupils and staff of St. Dunstan’s College. The association sponsors a number of events for its members and several sports clubs which members can join. The Association and its constituent clubs are run by voluntary, unpaid Boards and Committees. The sports clubs each have their own separate membership and subscription arrangements. The ODA welcomes all former members of the St. Dunstan’s community to join us. 



The Association has over 4,000 members worldwide of whom more than 3,250 are regularly active in The Association. Many members remain at home in the United Kingdom but ODs can be found all around the world. We keep in contact with this global community through our email list and our Facebook Page.

There are currently ODA Members in:

UK, the Channel Islands; Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. 

Australia and New Zealand

China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Bahrain, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates

The Americas and the Caribbean
Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Canada, St. Lucia, Venezuela and the USA.

Kenya and South Africa 

How to Become a Member

All former St Dunstan's College pupils and staff are automatically entitled to be members of the Old Dunstonian Association. Interested members of the college are encouraged to become ODA members and this can be arranged while they are still at the school. No payment is required by individuals to be a full-fledged member and to participate in all of the related activities.

ODs who are not members of the Association can join the ODA mailing list to receive the latest updates on activities by clicking this link and providing their contact information. 

If you have any further questions about membership, please email the ODA Hon Secretary here. A small donation to The Association is welcomed. 

OD Notes

OD Notes is The Association's magazine for its members and is available to all member duly registered with the ODA. 

Published twice a year in the Spring and Autumn, the Notes aims to cover:

● Association and Membership news.
● Scrapbook - news, comment, reminiscences, College history, and events from around the world.
● Reports on Regional Lunch gatherings.
● Highlights from St Dunstan's College events.
● Personal Notes - Births, Marriages and Deaths.
● Comprehensive coverage of OD cricket, golf and rugby.
● Moves - Members' changes of location or address.
The Editor, Robert Rangecroft, can be reached via email.

In addition to the OD Notes, members of the ODA also receive full access to the Annual School Chronicle (with brief OD Notes) and the termly school Newsletter, Moment by Moment

Access to these is made available here on the website, as well as through the ODA Email List and the ODA Facebook Page.


Individuals who serve on Association Committees and Boards are elected to serve for each year at ODA Annual General Meeting. The ODA Management Committee is responsible for the running of the Association and meets regularly throughout the year.

The ODA Management Committee, chaired by the current ODA President, runs the affairs of the Association on behalf of its Membership. It meets six times a year at the Clubhouse and school alternately. 

Members 2016/17

Management Committee members for the current year elected at the Association AGM in November 2016:

Sir Stephen Laws    President
Vacant                       Vice President
Barry Stickings        Immediate Past President
Sam Hibbs                Executive Chairman
David Edwards         Hon Secretary
Kim Davenport         Hon Treasurer       

Robert Rangecroft   OD Notes/Website Editor

Richard Bridges                                
Jane Davies                                                                                                            
Arthur Jackson                     
Prof David Jefferys
Ralph Johnson

Correspondence should be addressed to:
D C Edwards, ODA Hon Secretary, 162 Eden Way, Beckenham, Kent BR3 3DU


Please find the structure of the organisation here

The Association is the umbrella organisation for the various OD Committees, the OD Sports Club Limited and the OD sporting clubs. It is run by a Management Committee which sets policy and organises OD events and activities for its Members. 
A Trustee Board appointed by the Old Dunstonian Association (the Headmaster and Chair of Governors are ex-officio)  with members drawn from both the Association and St Dunstan's College has the responsibility of ensuring that the provisions of the Trust Deed covering the use of the Clubhouse and Ground at Park Langley are met.
A formal limited company - the OD Sports Club Limited - carries out the day-to-day running of the Clubhouse and Ground, supported by its House and Ground Committees.

Individual sporting clubs
The individual OD sporting clubs operate independently with their own individual constitutions, elected officers and subscription arrangements. The cricket and rugby clubs, like the Association itself, pay formal rent to the OD Sports Club Limited for the use of the Clubhouse and Ground.   

Clubhouse and Ground

The Old Dunstonian Clubhouse and Ground is located in Park Langley mid-way between Beckenham and West Wickham in North West Kent. The Clubhouse and its cottage are set in several acres of Green Belt with facilities for rugby, cricket, football, archery, croquet and hardcourt tennis.
The Association and its sports clubs have been based here since 1959 prior to that, Beckenham Hill had been the organisation’s home since 1922.

The ownership of the Clubhouse and Ground at Park Langley is vested in a Trust which is charged with ensuring that the Clubhouse and Ground are used and managed in accordance with its governing Trust Deed. The Trust's members are representatives of the OD Association and St Dunstan’s College, the OD Trustees being elected by the Members each year at the Association AGM. 

The Clubhouse and Ground are run via a formal limited company – The Old Dunstonian Sports Club Limited – which has sole responsibility for the management and maintenance of the Park Langley facilities. 

The OD House Club manages the Clubhouse under the direction of the company Board and is responsible to the Sports Club for the day-to-day running of the Clubhouse and its facilities including the Licensed Bar and the management of hirings and catering for social events. The Ground Committee manages the day-to-day business of the upkeep of the Ground, including the supervision of the Sports Club’s contract groundsman and his staff.

The Association itself and all the individual sports clubs each pay a rent to the OD Sports Club company for their use of the Park Langley facilities. These rents and the profits from the House Club operations, together with various fund-raising activities, finance the upkeep of and improvements to the Clubhouse and Ground.