Albam Exorna

Adorn the White

Translating as ‘Adorn the White’, our College motto, Albam Exorna, is as relevant today as it was at the time of our foundation in 1888. The white shield that serves as three-quarters of our College crest is a blank canvas onto which is emblazoned the as-yet-unwritten story of each St Dunstan’s pupil. 

We cherish our school of unique characters, each being encouraged to navigate their own journey through life whilst being nurtured to develop the Courage to be who they are, the Creativity to develop new ideas and approaches, the Confidence to try, succeed and fail, the Compassion to understand and appreciate others, and the Curiosity always to want to discover more.


Our Stories

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Junior Pupil Alyssa
I joined St. Dunstan’s in Nursery and have had a fantastic experienced. I can not wait to join the Senior School as I am sure it will be just as great as the Junior School has been.

I love taking part in tournaments and sports fixtures as I love working as a team. As you may have guessed already, I love Games because it takes all the things I love; working hard; teamwork; resilience and sports into one subject!

Adorn The white

Junior Pupil Ayodeji
I started at St Dunstan’s in Nursery. I loved playing games there and making things in the classroom. My favourite thing was building a giant train set.

Now I am in Reception, I like counting and learning how to write; I have written my own set of instructions and I can describe fireworks. I also love P.E because we play lots of different sports and get to use equipment. I have so many friends here and it makes me very happy when we play together.

Adorn The white

Junior Pupil Rudy
I've been at St Dunstan's since Reception, and it's a very special place. I love the variety of activities we get to do each day.

I remember my first time swimming. I was really nervous but I had lots of support and now I am in the swim team and a really fast swimmer. I love to learn about History because I like to learn about the past and how it affects us know. My favourite topic has been Ancient Greece and reading all the wonderful Greek myths!

Adorn The white

Junior Pupil Edward
Every day we are set challenges at St Dunstan’s and I am encouraged to be my own person and develop my own interests.

Every term we get to choose our Forder Programme activities and I do a lot of sport during these but I have also explored journalist club and had some taster lessons on the saxophone.

Each year group go on residential trips. They can be quite challenging you are going to be away from home for a bit. But, I always come back having had a really good time and you shouldn’t ever worry about it because your teachers and friends will help you overcome your fears with their kindness. I now cannot wait to go to Osmington Bay in Year 4 for a whole week!

Adorn The white

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Senior Pupil Mary
The best thing about coming to St Dunstans College is the teachers and the pupils

When I started everyone was so lovely and welcoming,  and we are all from such different places and backgrounds. I have definitely made some amazing friends for life. I love the range of activities and different clubs on offer as part of the Forder Programme. I have recently joined the girls football squad. I really love how girls and boys can play all sports at the College.

Adorn The white

Senior Pupil Kyria
St Dunstan's is a friendly happy place. I couldn't wait to join the Senior School.

Since joining St Dunstan’s College in Nursery, I have enjoyed all the activities we have done in lessons and beyond.  I have particularly enjoyed Maths because it involves solving problems and I love that part of the subject. Outside of the classroom, I have been a keen participant in all our sporting activities. We take part in a lot of tournaments and fixtures, which help us to develop our skills and give us an opportunity to test them against other schools.

Adorn The white

Senior Pupil Alessandro
Every day we are set challenges at St Dunstan’s and I am encouraged to be my own person and develop my own interests.

Our teachers are really supportive, and we are encouraged to be confident and creative. There are so many activities we can take part in with the Forder Programme. I feel very lucky to have all of the opportunities.

Adorn The white

Senior Pupil Mei Lin
I found the transition to St Dunstan’s College easy. The teachers did not throw us in at the deep end, but helped us to build up our confidence over the first term.

The size of the year group really helped and the Bushcraft Trip in September allowed me to get to know the whole year group, plus it was really fun! In tutor time, my form tutor always involves us in fun activities that link to the theme of the week. My favourite subject is Art because it is relaxing and very different from my other subjects. I also really enjoy Mathematics because it is logical and I can always try to work out the answer

Adorn The white


Sixth Form Stories Overlay

Sixth Form Pupil Polly
Being a part of St Dunstan’s community has been such an enriching experience and the Sixth Form could not have better prepared for the next stages in my life. 

The opportunities that have been offered to me at the College are more than I could have ever asked for, from studying Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Economics and Geography to taking on the responsibility of being Head of School. I have built up a myriad of valuable skills including leadership, teamwork and time management, all of which are going to benefit me in my next steps. 

Adorn The white

Sixth Form Pupil Gabriel
There are a lot of opportunities to develop as a person. One of those has definitely been joining the CCF. 

You get to go to range days across the country, attend field exercises and you get to have regular training. My proudest moment was visiting Ypres in Belgium in February 2019 with the other cadets. Together, we took part in a battlefield tour and visited many of the graves of fallen St Dunstan's pupils from the First World War. As part of the visit, we took part in the Last Post parade at the Menin Gate. It was a moving trip and made me very proud.

Adorn The white

Sixth Form Pupil Amber
Since enrolling at St Dunstan’s in the Michaelmas term, I have been overwhelmed by the strong sense of community fostered by pupils and staff. 

 Student growth is driven as much by this sense of community as by the abundance of opportunities St Dunstan’s has to offer; both of which students are encouraged to immerse themselves into. My involvement with the school’s Amnesty International has been particularly gratifying, expanding the breadth of my knowledge concerning the current human rights situation whilst fomenting my ability to work collectively with like-minded students.

Adorn The white

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In the last year, more than


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Our DT Department made


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Junior pupils experience


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Junior pupils learn


languages at St Dunstan's: French, German and Spanish 

In 2019, there were 


of free cricket coaching delivered in support of the MCC Community Cricket Hub



hours of hire of our synthetic pitches were made available to the local community 



poppies and crosses were part of the College's Remembrance Display 



swimming lessons were delivered to local children in 2019

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free tickets were given to the local community for the performance of Chicago

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is The Pavilion. This incorporates our medical centre, counselling provision, chaplaincy and youth mental health first aid provision

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Last year


local children attended free community football events at St Dunstan's

500 years of


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More than


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More than


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In 2019


of our Year 13 students got their first choice university

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