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St Dunstan’s College is ideally positioned. We are 15 minutes by train from central London and own 68 acres of land across two sites.

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Albam Exorna!

Our College Vision and Values

Of all the components of the College’s identity that can be traced back to its opening in 1888, the College motto – albam exorna! – is the one element that remains completely unchanged. Translating as ‘Adorn the White’, this phrase is connected to the white shield that serves as three quarters of the school’s crest. The white is the blank canvas onto which will be adorned the as yet unwritten story of each St Dunstan’s pupil; each individual journey through school and life beyond.

We believe that the principles underpinning the narrative of our motto are reflected in the values we foster in our young people and run through our school community and culture today.

We strive for a school of individuals who have the Courage to be who they are, the Creativity to develop new ideas and shape their own futures, the Confidence to try, succeed and fail, the Compassion to understand and appreciate others, and the Curiosity always to want to discover more.

In order to promote this culture, we have a clear educational vision which drives our development as a school. At St Dunstan’s College we seek to:

‘Inspire, nurture and challenge young people to develop the knowledge, skills and interests that shape their educational journey, character and aspirations.’

St Dunstan's marking the centenary of the First World War in November 2018