Our Future Plans

St Dunstan's College is currently undergoing its most significant redevelopment since its foundation in 1888. 

The west side of the College is being transformed into an architecturally stunning Junior School, an eagerly anticipated Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Block and a new Sixth Form Centre, intended to become an independent hub for all Year 12 and 13 students.

The STEM Block will transform our historical roots of inspiring technical creativity and innovation into a cohesive and modern curriculum with access to cutting-edge facilities and specialist teaching rooms. It is important to us to uphold the pioneering efforts of our founding Headmaster, Charles Maddock Stuart, who developed amongst the very first school science laboratories for practical examinations on offer in any school.

The heart of our STEM Block will be home to our new Sixth Form Centre with a central atrium modelled on university-style architecture with large independent study spaces and an exclusive Sixth Form Cafe with both inside and outside seating areas.  We believe our Sixth Form students should foster a sense of independence and maturity as they transition into the wider world of higher education.

The new development will be completed with a new Performing Arts Centre (PAC) and a Plaza at the back of the College, which will be stunning outside space for students. The space will also be a CCF Parade Square and an outdoor performance venue. 

The new Junior School

The new Junior School

The new Plaza leading to the new development

An aerial view of the new development

The Plaza will have outside 

The Plaza will be a beautiful outside space for students

Find out more about our plans in our summary brochure below