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Our Ethos, Vision and Values

Our Ethos 

Translating as ‘Adorn the White’, our College motto, Albam Exorna, is as relevant today as it was at the time of our Lewisham foundation, in 1888. The white shield that serves as three quarters of our College crest is a blank canvas onto which is emblazoned the as-yet-unwritten story of each St Dunstan’s pupil. 

We cherish our school of unique characters, each being encouraged to navigate their own journey through life whilst being nurtured to develop the Courage to be who they are, the Creativity to develop new ideas and approaches, the Confidence to try, succeed and fail, the Compassion to understand and appreciate others, and the Curiosity always to want to discover more.


Our Vision

 ‘An ambitious, forward-thinking community that inspires and supports individuals to thrive’Our vision seeks to capitalise upon the rich and imaginative history of our College without being constrained by it, delivering a deliberately ambitious and forward-thinking approach to education without losing sight of the importance of supporting and inspiring individuality. St Dunstan’s aspires for all our young people to thrive in every way – personally, physically, socially and academically - and the breadth of our curriculum and co-curriculum is entirely designed to support that ambition. Our community makes us who we are – our vibrant and grounded Lewisham location, our rich and inspiring history, our co-educational setting, and our eclectic Dunstonians, near and far – all of this sets the tone for a community that is particularly well positioned to embrace the range of challenge and opportunity presented by the globalised world of which we are now a part.

Our Values

The values that we aspire to inculcate across our community are those of Courage, Creativity, Confidence, Compassion and Curiosity.

These values chime with the life of Saint Dunstan, an extraordinary man whose life is an inspiration to the deliberately broad and ambitious curriculum and co-curriculum we offer today, as well as our deep and sincere commitment to pastoral care and wellbeing, in its broadest possible sense.   

The St Dunstan’s Difference

We are proud of our heritage and for being known to think differently about education. 

The St Dunstan’s Difference today can be defined as follows:

  • Trailblazing a forward-thinking independent education since 1888 
  • Promoting high achievement without arrogance 
  • Championing individuality, diversity and equality – albam exorna! 
  • Developing values through a broad and liberal education 
  • Supporting wellbeing as central to success 
  • Growing ambitious and imaginative partnerships 
  • Providing life-enriching opportunities to our local community 
  • Infusing social conscience and ethical thinking