Pupils show compassion and kindness for each other and have a discernible appreciation for their community and the world beyond

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Our Facilities

St Dunstan’s College is ideally positioned: within 15 minutes by train from London Bridge or Charing Cross, it is set in 68 acres of land across two sites accessible within walking distance. Our magnificent historic buildings, dating back to our 1888 foundation, sit comfortably alongside the most recent 21st Century developments.

Great Hall

The Great Hall of St Dunstan’s is the physical and symbolic heart of the College. It has had extensive renovation in recent years including a new organ, sound and lighting system. The Great Hall serves multiple purposes for our College and wider community, including regular assemblies, events, musicals and plays. It is also the home to the permanent memorial to the hundreds of Dunstonians who lost their lives in the Great Wars. The magnificent stained glass, depicting the varied life of St Dunstan is a wonderful focal point for our work at the College.

State-of-the-art classrooms

In 2018 we began a rolling programme of classroom refurbishments, modernising these essential spaces with innovative technology, furniture and fittings, whilst retaining the beauty of their 130-year-heritage.

Learning Resource Centre

Juxtaposing new and contemporary thinking with a rich heritage is at the heart of what makes St Dunstan’s unique. Our Learning Resource Centre fuses the traditional library with digital resources, a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) setting and dedicated collaborative and silent study spaces, as well as facilities for academic enrichment and specialist support.

Hub for Inclusion and Enrichment

Extensive modifications to our historic library have created a contemporary learning support facility, including dedicated collaborative and silent study spaces, as well as facilities for academic enrichment and specialist support.

Wellness Centre 

St Dunstan’s has developed a unique, dedicated facility known as the Wellness Centre, to serve as a hub for pupil mental and physical health services. The Wellness Centre – sometimes known as The Pavilion – is home to first aid and medical support, counselling and psycho-therapy, peer mentoring chaplaincy support and also features spaces for pupils to be still and reflect.

Jubilee Ground

In addition to the facilities contained on our main school site, the College also owns the Jubilee Ground – 23 acres of playing fields in the centre of Catford, a 3 minute walk from the College site. Pupils have access to natural cricket, football and rugby pitches as well as a number of high-quality MUGAs (Multi-use Games Areas) providing opportunities to play hockey, football, netball and rugby.

Leisure Centre

Pupils have access to a wide range of sporting opportunities across both our sites, both for competitive sport, training and for leisure. Our sporting facilities include two large playing fields on the main College site, a sports hall, gym and fitness studio and a 33metre indoor swimming pool.