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Our Strategy

St Dunstan’s College is an ambitious, forward-thinking community that champions individuality through a broad, liberal, and academically exciting education, whilst retaining our historic and valued traditions.
Read our objectives for the next 10 years.

Our Education

St Dunstan’s works with a range of partners to be at the forefront of educational thinking, continuing to challenge convention, taking courageous educational decisions, and remaining true to the broad, liberal, and values-driven education upon which it was founded. A culture of safeguarding children underpins all we undertake.

Our Pupils – Academic & other achievements

Pupils are inspired and supported as individuals, and in such a way that enables each of them to make outstanding and measurable achievement across a broad range of subjects and interests, making creative use of digital innovation as a key facilitator for progress.

Our Pupils – Personal development

Pupils have a strong sense of wellbeing that is rooted in being at one with who they are and the diverse environment in which they are situated; pupils actively demonstrate the values of St Dunstan’s and consequently personify grounded, open-minded, articulate thinking, as active citizens of a changing global community.

Our Staff

St Dunstan’s is an employer of choice in the Sector, with staff seeking to work at St Dunstan’s as a consequence of its clarity of purpose and vision, our unique identity and reputation, and a sincere commitment to staff development, creativity and voice, wellbeing, diversity and equality, and a culture of trust and transparency

Our Dunstonians

St Dunstan’s celebrates a vibrant alumni body which is plugged-in to the journey of the College. Consequently, alumni are engaged, proud and active ambassadors for the College, its community connections and philanthropic work

Our Parents

Parents of all means apply and remain at St Dunstan’s from an ever-widening catchment, because of a wholehearted belief in the ethos of the education at work. Parents are active participants in the development of the College, and communication to parents is such that they feel St Dunstan’s genuinely understands their children as individuals and they are supported by robust procedures that are well understood.

Our Community

St Dunstan’s believes in a broader educational purpose that supports the ongoing aspirations for the betterment of Lewisham and its residents, and knows that such work entirely aligns with the educational aims we have for our pupils. Working with local partners we provide life-enhancing opportunities to local people that seek to promote social mobility, engender wellbeing and improve communities in addition to responding with benevolence and charity to local needs and events.

Our Environment

St Dunstan’s has a clear and rolling programme of investment into its buildings and infrastructure, ensuring that we lead the way in developing an appropriate digital and physical environment for a forward-thinking educational charity. Well on our journey towards being a carbon-zero organisation, St Dunstan’s sets ambitious standards for sustainability, both for itself and its partner organisations. Our south-east London site is regularly reviewed for safety, and our green space is enhanced by diversification of ecosystems and rewilding of a variety of rural habitats.

Our Business

St Dunstan’s has a thriving business model that ensures efficiency of expenditure and diversification of income, maximising the use of growing and impressive assets, and actively expanding the reach of its brand, at home and overseas, through mergers, acquisitions and commercial partnerships.

Our Charity

St Dunstan’s is a modern and forward-thinking educational charity that is constituted and structured in such a way that provides clarity of purpose, dynamic thinking, compliance and executive operational autonomy.

Read our 10-year strategy here