Pupils of all ages display excellent knowledge, skills and understanding and become resilient in their learning as they move through the school

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Welcome from the Headmaster

St Dunstan’s College is a school community that is grounded in the vibrancy of its south London setting. We celebrate the opportunities afforded to us by being located in such a diverse environment, allowing for all manner of views, opinions and styles – what better foundation to an exceptional education.

We embellish the values embodied by St Dunstan, using the life of that great polymath to guide our own educational narrative. We encourage creativity and innovation and we want our pupils to embrace the richness of a broad education, whilst not forsaking the importance of rigour and depth of achievement.


We know coeducation to be the right platform for developing the interpersonal skills necessary to succeed in the modern world. The importance we place on nurturing individuality and the manageable size of our school is such that we ensure pupils do not get lost, but rather thrive in their own way. The comfort provided by our rigorous approach to pastoral care enables our pupils to take risks, ask difficult questions of themselves and others, and above all else develop the compassion, confidence and courage needed to find success in all aspects of life beyond school.


As a Nursery to Year 13 College, we pride ourselves on genuinely knowing the children under our care, and we hope that our families will feel an important part of this community.

I do hope you enjoy looking at our website and seeing all that we do here. If you feel your daughter or son would enjoy an environment such as this, or are interested in finding out more, please do not hesitate to make an appointment to come and see us; we are proud of our historic façade, but all the more excited by the energy and colour that is exuded within.

Mr Nicholas Hewlett