St Dunstan’s College is a fee-paying school. Fees cover the cost of normal tuition as well as lunches, most books and stationery. Other costs for voluntary items, for example individual music tuition, will be additional. Fees for the year ahead are confirmed each year at the end of the Lent term (before Easter).

Tuition fees for 2021/22  are as follows:

Section/year Fees per term (annual) Lunch Charge per term (Annual) consolidated annual fee 
Nursery £3,848 (11,544) £319 (957) £12,501
Reception, Years 1, 2 and 3 £4,454 (13,362) £319 (957) £14,319
Year 4 and Year 5 £5,139 (15,417) £319 (957) £16,374
Year 6 £5,694 (17,081) £319 (957) £18,039
Senior School Years 7 - 13 £6,037 (18,111) £319 (957) £19,068

The preferred method of payment is by direct debit from a UK bank account. This is a simple and convenient way of paying school fees.  There is no charge for paying fees by direct debit. Fees may also be paid termly by Direct Transfer to the College bank account, by Cheque, Banker’s Draft or by Credit or Debit card.

Fees may be paid by lump sum, normally for a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 7. A discount is allowed in exchange for the lump sum payment. Each case is calculated individually; for a personal quote, please write to Sara Hopkins, Deputy Bursar (Finance and Resources), or e-mail her at advancefees@stdunstans.org.uk

The Benevolent Fund

The Benevolent Fund exists to help families who are experiencing temporary financial difficulties. Each year, a number of students are enabled to stay on at the College, while short-term financial problems are resolved, until the end of a term or the academic year.

The Benevolent Fund Committee meets at least once each term to consider applications from parents in financial need. Old Dunstonians, teachers, parents (past and present), and governors are ordinarily represented on the committee, which is chaired by the Headmaster. The Fund is financed by voluntary contributions from parents and Old Dunstonians, together with the income from investments.

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