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Joining at 13+

St Dunstan’s College is delighted to announce that it will run a 13+ entry for September 2020 and 2021 to concur with the opening of its new STEM building and 6th Form Centre due for completion in September 2021.

Entrance Assessments will take place on 14 January 2020. 

Students are assessed on the basis of Entrance Assessments, Interview and School Reference from your child’s current Headteacher. Candidates will sit a series of online assessments relating to English, Mathematics and Reasoning. In addition, all candidates will experience a taught Science lesson, during which they will complete a short problem solving task.

We will be offering academic, art, music, drama and sport scholarships to candidates showing exceptional potential. The College is committed to offering as many means-tested places as it possibly can, so that families who could not otherwise send their children to an independent school may be able to do so.

Visiting the College

In the Michaelmas term, the Senior School hosts two open days for families looking for entry to the Senior School at 11+ or 13+. These days run from 0930 to 1130 and are packed with fun activities, interactive displays and performances. The Headmaster also speaks on two occasions during the morning.

Open Days for 2019

Date Time
Saturday 28 September 2019 0930 - 1130
Saturday 28 September 2019 0930 - 1130


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Key Dates

registration step date
Online registration opens 1 September 2019
Open days 28 September and 16 November 2019
Registration process closes 29 November (1600)
Bursary application deadline 4 December (1600)
Entrance exams 14 January 2020
Sport Scholarship assessments  16 and 17 January 2020 
Academic Scholarships interviews 25 January 2020 
General interviews 28 and 30 January 
Music Scholarship auditions 18 January 2020 
Art Scholarship auditions 18 January 2020 
Drama Scholarship workshop 25 January 2020 
Offer letters posted by first class post 13 February 2020 
Deadline for acceptance March 2020 



St Dunstan’s College will be offering a number of scholarships at 13+ for excellence in Academic ability (by invitation only), Music, Drama, Art and Sport. Scholarships are either minor (10%) or major (25%).

Scholarships are held for the duration of a student’s time at the College, provided his / her conduct fulfils the expectations as stated in the Conditions of Award. Scholarship awards are reviewed every year by the Awards Committee.

Academic scholarships

Academic Scholarships recognise and reward academic excellence. It is not possible for parents to apply for an academic scholarship. All potential academic scholars will be selected for interview on the basis of their performance in the Entrance Assessments.


The College offers four Co-Curricular Scholarships at 13+ for recognition of performance and potential in Art, Drama, Music or Sport. Candidates are recommended to apply only for a maximum of 2 Co-Curricular Scholarships and should read all the entry requirements carefully prior to applying.


The Art Department looks for young artists who are passionate about the subject through developing their own work, by visiting galleries and museums on a regular basis and through having a range of artistic skills that allow for the demonstration of a high level of creativity.

On the assessment day all candidates are invited into the Art Department to work on a series of tasks that last 3 hours in total:

·        An observational pencil drawing

·        A copy / rendition of a painting by a famous artist

·        Short questions on drawing and colour mixing, where brief answers are required

Candidates will also be required to submit in advance a small portfolio of their own work, made up of no more than five pieces, as well as provide up to two separate references in support of the portfolio.

Download the art scholarship form


Drama Scholar candidates are expected to have been involved in at least three public productions by the time they audition at St Dunstan’s, whether it be as an actor, dancer or technician. Candidates are also expected to be members of a theatrical organisation.

The assessment takes place in groups of 10 and lasts 1 hour. It consists in:

·        Various games assessing social and improvisational skills;

·        The creation of a devised piece of theatre with the help of a Senior Drama scholar;

·        A performing session between groups;

·        A ‘circle discussion’ which will aim to reflect on their pieces and the final performance.

In addition, each candidate will need to submit a personal statement stating why they wish to apply for a Drama scholarship as well as up to two references in support.

download the drama scholarship form


Candidates are expected to be actively involved in music at their current school as well as outside school. We welcome applications from students having taken ABRSM or Trinity Board exams as well as Suzuki students. Candidates are required to be at a level akin to at least Grade 6 in their main instrument, however for candidates who do not meet the scholarship criteria, they may still be considered for an exhibition award.

The Music Department offer a number of exhibition awards which provide students with free tuition in their main instrument. Exhibitions may be offered based on potential in an instrument , or if a candidate plays an instrument where there is a particular shortage in the College. These include Double Bass, Viola, Oboe, Bassoon, Trombone and French Horn. These will be awarded through the same assessment process.

The audition will follow the format below:

·        Each candidate should prepare no more than two pieces to perform, each lasting for three minutes, or less, giving a realistic impression of musical ability.  The pieces can be on the same instrument or on two different ones. A professional accompanist will be provided for all candidates.

·         Candidates should prepare a short song of their choosing to perform in order to assess vocal potential.

·        Aural tests and sight-reading appropriate to the candidate’s standard of playing.

·        An informal interview, including discussion of musical interests and activities.

·        Candidates will be required to take part in an ensemble activity as part of the assessment with our current music scholars.

In addition, each candidate will need to submit a personal statement stating why they wish to apply for a Music Scholarship as well as up to two references in support of their application.

download the music scholarship form


Candidates are expected to be actively involved in competitive sports across a variety of disciplines both at school and in local clubs. As a guide we would expect them to be competing at county level or equivalent, depending on the sport they  currently participate in. 

The assessment day will consist in a series of challenges and games to assess the candidates’ agility, balance, coordination and multi-abilities (personal, social and cognitive). Although candidates will participate in some sport specific activities, their competence in these individual sports will not form the basis of the assessment.   

In addition, each candidate will need to submit a personal statement stating why they wish to apply for a Sport Scholarship as well as up to two references from coaches in support of their application.

Download The sports scholarship form


The bursary programme is designed to help as many candidates as possible who meet our academic entry criteria to take up a place at St Dunstan’s. Both parents are required to provide proof of their income and assets. The level of support varies according to parental need, but can extend to full fee remission in cases of proven need. To qualify for consideration for a bursary, the gross family income must be below £75,000 per annum. Each case is assessed on its own merits and awards are made accordingly.

Every year, the number of bursary applicants greatly exceeds the amount of funding available. Bursaries are therefore awarded on the basis of academic merit.

Bursaries are only offered to families who are resident in the UK. Please note that the offer of a place to a Bursary Applicant may be conditional upon a home visit.

The information above regarding Bursaries is correct as at 16 August 2019.

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