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Community outreach

We are passionate about our vibrant and diverse community; the residents of Catford and Lewisham, our pupils and their families, the organisations with whom we share spaces and ideas, and our international links and connections across London.

We know that classroom teaching and learning forms only one part of the educational journey. Learning from and giving to others, through involvement in our wider communities, is of equal importance in shaping compassionate and confident young people who can go on to make positive choices in their pathways through life.

St Dunstan’s believes in a broader educational purpose that supports the ongoing aspirations for the betterment of Lewisham and its residents, and knows that such work entirely aligns with the educational aims we have for our pupils. Working with local partners we provide life-enhancing opportunities to local people that seek to promote social mobility, engender wellbeing and improve communities in addition to responding with benevolence and charity to local needs and events.

We also recognise our privilege as an independent school, both in terms of our facilities and our pupils and staff; it is vitally important to us that this can be of benefit to communities that extend far beyond the school gates.

Our annual brochure attempts to summarise the various strands of our community outreach and support.

2021 - 2022

There’s a very clear and coherent vision of what they want to do, both with the curriculum and the local community.

‘The head is asking interesting questions of the sector, including areas like privilege and responsibility, which go beyond the usual platitudes. It’s a really interesting school in a tough market, trying to not just survive but actually make something different for the children and families they’re working with.

Tes Awards, 2022

2019 - 2020