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St Dunstan's Festival

We are delighted to announce St Dunstan's Festival is returning this year.

The 2022 Festival will take place between 26 June and 6 July 2022 with a variety of events taking place mainly in our Big Top at the Jubilee ground. The theme will be "Compassion" which is one of the College's values.

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Events Guide 2022



Highlights from 2021


St Dunstan's Festival originated in the 1990s under the stewardship of Dr Anthony Seldon, who was Deputy Head of the College at that time. It was originally named ‘The Catford Arts Festival’ and ran over two and a half days at the very start of July.

The Festival was quickly dubbed ‘The Edinburgh Festival of South London’, and comprised over twenty main events and ‘a rich and enterprising fringe’. The 1994 College Chronicle describes the Festival as ‘catering for the souls’ and it contained an array of eclectic events including the St Dunstan’s jazz group, lectures given by writers Brian Masters and Gwendoline Butler, and a Shakespeare play with a twist, entitled ‘A Pocket of Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

Growth and Change

The Festival was short-lived, only lasting a few years. The current Headmaster reignited the Festival on his arrival at the College, with its relaunch occurring in the summer of 2015. The now two-week event is a firmly established highlight at the end of the academic year, enabling pupils to engage with a huge variety of activities and performances, involving not only the College, but also our broader Lewisham community.

Local Support 

Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward - KFH deliver a comprehensive range of estate agency and property services across the London market. KFH have showed there ongoing support for the St Dunstan’s Festival over the past few years.

The Dunstonian Association - The Dunstonian Association, formerly known as the Old Dunstonian Association, is the alumni organisation for former pupils and staff at the college. Each year, the association sponsors a number of events (including the St Dunstan’s Festival) for its members and sports clubs which members can join. The association also supports senior pupils with career advice and work experience placements.