Development Office

Welcome to the Development Office of St Dunstan’s College.

The aim of the Office is to help the College achieve its ambitious future plans for the radical and visionary development of the school’s facilities. In addition, it is our hope that the Office helps to establish productive long-term relationships across our wide-reaching community: Dunstonians at home and overseas, past and current parents, livery companies or corporations.

Help us support bright young minds

Bursaries at St Dunstan’s give bright children from all backgrounds the chance of an excellent, and often life-changing, education. We know from experience that bursary students also make an important contribution to our school community and last year we were able to support 59 talented children in this way.

Bursaries are currently funded solely through school income. Each year, we strive to increase the number of bursaries we award, not only so that more bright children benefit but also to ensure that our student community is as dynamic and diverse as the world around it.

This year, more families than ever are facing more challenging financial circumstances as result of a pandemic which has affected people’s income and livelihoods, and we want to be ready to respond. We want to dramatically increase the funds we have available to support talented children from lower-income families.  This can only be done with significant help and we ask you to consider making a gift to help us extend the reach of our bursary programme.


By giving a gift to support bursary students:

  • More children with outstanding promise will be able to access an excellent education at St Dunstan’s beyond financial constraint.
  •  More young people will have the confidence to navigate their future effectively, with the compassion to understand and appreciate others.
  • Our whole student community will benefit from the diversity of its members.
  •  More people will endorse the benefits of bursary giving, as we share more evidence of its impact. 

There are opportunities to fund the whole school career of a student on a 100% bursary, or to contribute to our Bursary Fund to support students across a range of ages and bursary levels. All of these opportunities are transformational for the children who will benefit.

By choosing to make a regular donation by Direct Debit HERE, you will be helping us plan for future academic years with confidence.

For example, if 50 donors committed to just £25 per month plus Gift Aid, your support could fund a pupil on 100% bursary for their entire senior school education.

You can also make a Single Donation HERE.

For parents, a regular gift can be made by adding a donation on to your termly fee invoice.

How to contact the Development Office

If you would like to know more about our plans for the development of the College or learn how you can support us, please contact:

St Dunstan’s Development Office

Mrs Isabelle Blake-James, Director of Development

St Dunstan’s College, Stanstead Road, London SE6 4TY


Tel: 020 8516 7308