The Dunstonian Association


Since 1897, the Dunstonian Association has existed to support and facilitate ongoing relationships across the Dunstonian community, past and present. In particular, it has sponsored sporting and leisure clubs for the benefit of the entire Dunstonian community, through the oversight of its own facilities at Park Langley, in Beckenham. Over the years, the Association has enjoyed the company of a wide range of Dunstonians, near and far, and has been privileged to include amongst its members Knights, Members of Parliament, writer’s, newscasters, and other influential members of society, from across many disciplines. The Association sports clubs have maintained the spirit of excitement and competition that accompanies all sporting endeavour and, in addition, the Association has sought to keep alive the memory of its former members through the preservation and promotion of its historical records. The Association increasingly works closely with the College to support its work, aspirations and future plans – this culminated in a restructuring of the Dunstonian Association in 2018, to bring together key members of the College with the Sports Clubs and Dunstonians of different ages into one committee.

The Association Honours Board

More than 70 Dunstonians have served as President of the Association since it was founded in 1897. A further 17 have served as Secretary and 15 as Treasurer. OD Notes was until recent years been incorporated into the St Dunstan's College Chronicle and has had just three Editors since 1924. The magazine is now published twice annually and separately by the Association itself.

The Association has over 4000 members worldwide of whom more than 3000 are regularly active. Many members live in the United Kingdom but Dunstonians can also be found all around the world.


The objectives of the Association are:

a.    to facilitate and promote communications, and social and other contacts, between members of the Association throughout the world and between them and the College;

b.    in partnership with the College, to advance the interests of the College and, in particular, to facilitate and enhance its relations with its former pupils and its local community, its ability to assist its current pupils with their careers after leaving the College and to record, retain and understand its history and to share it with members of the Association; and

c.    to promote and support the provision and availability of social, sports and other facilities for members of the Association, their families and friends, and to ensure the proper management of facilities and other resources so provided or available, including the facilities at Park Langley, in the best interests of both the members of the Association and the current pupils of the College.

Committee Members' Details 

Every November, the Dunstonian community is given the opportunity to vote for a committee to represent them as the Dunstonian Association. All members of the Dunstonian community are welcome to run for the committee. The 2019 Association committee is:

Chairman- David Edwards (’83) 

Dunstonian Members: Peter Brown (’67) Julian Platford, Tom Coling (’01), Malachi Connolly (’11), Jemima Davenport (’14) 

SDC Members: Isabelle Blake-James, Robin Austin, Jade McLellan, Nicola Rich, Daniel Gower, Andrew Johnstone 

Celebratory Dinner - Saturday 28 March 2020

The Dunstonian Association and the College will be hosting a celebratory dinner on Saturday 28 March in the picturesque Great Hall to mark 25 years of co-education at St Dunstan's. 

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The OD Notes

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Toucan Tech, our new Alumni Software

The first ever Alumni platform called Toucan tech was launched at the end of August 2019. It allows all past students, parents and members of staff to connect and reunite online.

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