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From its origin in the Parish of St Dunstan's-in-the-East in the City of London 600 years ago to its foundation in Catford in 1888, from its visionary first Headmasters to the unprecedented sacrifice of its pupils during WWI, from its evacuation to Reigate during WWII to its cultural Festival initiated in the 1990s by Sir Anthony Seldon serving as Deputy Head at the College, St Dunstan’s fascinating history has never ceased to grow over the years.

The Archives Room at the College is situated where the small Prep' School Tuck Shop was, overlooking the Navy Hut. It houses all physical records, photos and memorabilia dating back to 1888 and beyond.

Since 2018, we have also built a bank of digital archives online: it is now possible to search through all the Chronicles since 1914 as well as go through hundreds of photos depicting the rich balance of co-curricular activities at the College, drawings of the original building as well as copies of letters and invitations dating back over 100 years to name but a few.

But above all, what has attracted a lot of interest and still does nowadays from all over the world, are the College's Archives relating to WWI. We have countless memorabilia, ephemera, videos and handwritten records from soldiers who died at the front in the Somme which makes our Digital Archives worth a detour. As a result of their historical value, we have made them available freely to all at St Dunstan's College (

How can you access the Archives?

If you are a Dunstonian or are part of the wider Dunstonian community, simply register onto our Alumni Platform at to have access to the entirety of the College's digital archives.

If you would like to come in and peruse our physical archives held at the College or receive copies of documents you think we might hold, please contact our newly appointed Archivist and Dunstonian, Shea Hollis ('01) , at

We also hope you enjoy our Hidden Treasure Videos below and look forward to sharing with you our rich St Dunstan's College history for years to come.

Hidden Treasure Videos