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St Dunstan's College was founded on benevolence and ambition.

Benevolence that saw a group of parishioners from St Dunstan's in the East see fit to fund a new school that was "ahead of its current time". A school that would enable students to "find out and do" rather than simply sit and listen. A school that would introduce a radically different curriculum, containing Science, Technology and Engineering. A school that would relish a broad, liberal approach to education, introducing one of the first truly co-curricular programmes in the world. A school that would enlarge access by supporting children from a range of backgrounds and means.

St Dunstan’s today is proud of this heritage and seeks to use it as a platform for its ongoing growth and development. Following a phase of significant improvement across all aspects of the school’s life, we now look to a new chapter.

Our priority is to enable even further access to our education through a culture of giving to our ambitious bursary programme. This is one of the ways through which we will challenge and showcase the role independent schools can play in forging a dynamic, contemporary society. We will also continue to build facilities that support not just an excellent education but an ambitious approach to partnerships and community engagement.

Please listen to Navdeep Sheera ('85), one of our key donors and champion of our ongoing bursary campaign as well as Chair of our Development Board:

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Every year, we thank our supporters and benefactors  on Commemoration Day, by hosting a Drinks Reception at Mansion House after the beautiful service of thanksgiving held at Southwark Cathedral.








Contact Details:If you would like to know more about our plans for St Dunstan’s College or how you can support us, please contact:

Mrs Isabelle Blake-James, Director of Philanthropy and Alumni Relations


Tel: 020 8516 7308

Helps Us Shape Young Lives 


Donors' Impact Report 2022-23

Donors' Impact Report 2020-22