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The Dunstonian Association

The history of the Association 

The Dunstonian Association has existed since 1897 to support and facilitate ongoing relationships across the Dunstonian community, past and present. We recently celebrated its 125th anniversary at a special Black Tie Dinner held at the College on 30 March 2022.

All pupils, parents and members of staff automatically become ‘Dunstonians’ when leaving the school and, over the years, the Association has enjoyed the company of a wide range of Dunstonians, near and far, including Lords, Knights, Members of Parliament, Nobel Prize winners, writers, newscasters, and other influential members of society. The Association sports clubs have maintained the spirit of excitement and competition that accompanies all sporting endeavour, in the beautiful grounds at the Club House of Park Langley.

The Association operates from the College via the Dunstonian Office: it has over 4000 members worldwide and all communications go through a special Alumni platform called SDConnect which keeps Dunstonians connected thanks to a monthly online newsletter, invitation to regular events or the receipt of a biannual alumni magazine called "The Notes". The Association also offers careers advice and job opportunities to the younger members of the alumni community, particularly St Dunstan's Sixth Formers or University students.

There is also a rich bank of Digital Archives of the College accessible through the alumni platform.


The objectives of the Association

The objectives are threefold namely (i) to facilitate and promote communications between members of the Association throughout the world and the College; (ii) to advance the interests of the College and, in particular, to facilitate and enhance its relations with its former pupils and its local community, and (iii) to promote and support the provision and availability of social, sports and other facilities for members of the Association, their families and friends.

Committee members' details

Every November, the Dunstonian community is given the opportunity to vote for a committee to represent them as the Dunstonian Association. All members of the Dunstonian community are welcome to run for the committee. The 2021-22 Association committee members are:

Chairman: Richard Fagg (’85) 

Dunstonian Members: Peter Brown (’67) Julian Platford ('84), Tom Coling (’01), Malachi Connolly (’11), Jemima Davenport (’14)

Dunstonian Officer: Iain Macdowall ('81)

SDC Members: Isabelle Blake-James, Alex Brewer, Ben Ford, Gareth Stewart and Rebecca Watkins 

If you would like to contact one of the committee members, please email

SDConnect - The alumni platform for the Dunstonian Association

SDConnect is the online alumni platform for the Dunstonian Association. It was launched in 2019 and has over 1000 active members although more than 4000 Dunstonians receive regular communications through the platform.

Amongst other things, it allows all past students, parents and members of staff to connect and reunite online:

All Dunstonians are strongly encouraged to sign up to SDConnect  HERE in order to be kept up to date with all that is going on across the organisation and College.

The Notes - the biannual Dunstonian publication