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Pastoral Programme

At St Dunstan’s College Junior School, the pupils are at the heart of everything we seek to achieve, and we know that it is only when pupils are happy, settled and feel safe in school that they can thrive and achieve their true potential academically. 


Pastoral care is the responsibility of all members of staff, who take the time to develop trusting, positive relationships with pupils and their families. This is made much easier with our small class setting and high staff to pupil ratio. We pride ourselves on the strength of our community and adopt an ‘open-door’ policy with all parents and pupils across the Junior School. Staff are passionate about supporting children’s wellbeing at St Dunstan’s; a number of staff are trained children’s Mental Health First Aiders and provide daily break time support to pupils across the Junior School. Every form group has a Form Teacher, who will teach the majority of lessons to their class, and also lead Form Time sessions every morning and afternoon to ensure pupils are happy, safe and are developing socially within their year group. Form Teachers and families work closely with the Section Heads and the Junior School Deputy Head Pastoral to monitor all pupils and provide care and support throughout a pupils’ Junior School journey. 

The Wellness Centre

Pupils’ wellbeing is our number one priority, and we know that pupils can sometimes benefit from additional support and someone to talk to. Our Wellness Centre provides all pupils with the opportunity to speak to somebody they trust, as well as seeking medical or emotional support. Sometimes talking to a trusted adult who sits outside of their classroom or home setting is preferable for a pupil needed help and this is something we can accommodate through our Wellness Centre services. Staffed by our experienced and caring College Nurse, the College Chaplain and the school counsellor, pupils or families can refer a child to seek regular or short-term support for any additional pastoral and wellbeing needs. 

Albam Exorna

The College motto, Albam Exorna, translates to ‘Adorn the White’. This phrase is connected to the white shield that serves as three quarters of the school’s crest. The white is the blank canvas, onto which will be written the as-yet-unwritten story of each St Dunstan’s pupil; each individual journey through school and life beyond. This is reflective of our appreciation that each pupil has their own unique qualities and attributes, all of which are nurtured and cherished through the Junior school journey.

Our pupils are fully invested in this approach to our pastoral offering and are encouraged to be bold, brave and true to who they are. They relish the diversity within our St Dunstan’s community and take great pride in the fact that their shield is unlike the shield of anyone else within the College.

Their contribution is individual and unique to them and every pupil, regardless of their age and stage in school, can speak with confidence about what is unique about them and their journey through school.

College Values 

We strive for a school of individuals and all aspects of our pastoral care encourage pupils to have the:

Courage to be who they are

Creativity to develop new ideas and shape their own futures

Confidence to try, succeed and respond positively to failures

Compassion to understand and appreciate others and the wider world

Curiosity to always want to discover more 

Stuart Curriculum

Our forward-thinking and ambitious approach to education is designed to equip pupils with the skills and attributes required to thrive as proactive, global citizens in a rapidly-changing world, with resilience, adaptability and critical thinking skills. They are well-prepared to succeed in a future that is still unknown to them, where the careers they pursue may not yet exist. Our pupils understand the value of perseverance and how it can be used as a learning tool, employing a growth mindset to all their learning.

Our Junior School Stuart Curriculum (our approach to PSHEE) helps young children begin the move towards an increasingly sophisticated national, international and intercultural perspective. Our pupils are encouraged to see the ‘bigger picture,’ making connections between themes, debating and considering different perspectives, showing compassion towards others and gaining an understanding of where they belong in an ever-evolving world. It is incredibly important to us that pupils leave the Junior School with a true sense of who, and equipped with the relevant practical skills to be their authentic selves in the in the world of the future.