An Evening on Diversity and Leadership
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St Dunstan’s College was delighted to host ‘An Evening on Diversity and Leadership’ on Tuesday 25 June, as part of this year’s St Dunstan’s Festival.

The evening included special guests Baroness Doreen Lawrence, Ellah Allfrey OBE, LGBT+ author Shaun Dellenty, Cllr Brenda Dacres and the Royal London’s Glenn Hammet, who all formed the event’s panel.

During the evening, the guests spoke about their own experiences, including the challenges they have all faced, and where they think work is still needed to be done to ensure there is diversity in leadership positions and across society.

The event, which was held at the Jubilee Grounds, was student-led and was organised by the College’s Equalities Society, who had requested an event to discuss diversity at this year’s festival.

Sixth Former, Beth, who is part of the society said: ‘I really wanted to have an event at this year’s festival which celebrated the diversity of our College, whilst raising awareness of the importance of diversity within leadership roles.

‘The diverse and impressive panel discussed the importance of diversity within leadership roles, each representing their sector of work. The event was a big success with the audience getting very involved in the Q&A with the panel and discussing important issues.’

St Dunstan’s Headmaster, Nicholas Hewlett, who introduced the special guests, added: ‘We were honoured to host an evening with a focus on diversity and leadership where we were joined by special guests including Baroness Doreen Lawrence and Shaun Dellenty.

‘The evening was led by a group of students from St Dunstan’s Sixth Form and the questions put to the panel focused on real issues such as minority representation in parliament, racism in the police force and LGBT+ awareness within schools. The panel agreed that progress has been made in many areas, but that there is still much work to do especially given today’s climate.’

The evening was attended by more than 100 guests including students, parents, former students and members of the local community. The event was just one of the events hosted by St Dunstan’s College as part of this year’s two-week St Dunstan’s Festival.

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