CCF Monday Parades during Lockdown
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The CCF Parades have continued on a Monday as part of the wide ranging co-curricular program the College has maintained during the lockdown period. 

In an effort to vary the program and give cadets something a little different to the normal syllabus topics the RN Section have tried some unusual activities. There has been a ‘Rifle Drill’ at home, some ‘Interest Briefs’, on topics such as Mr Telford’s time as a Royal Marine, and the introduction of the ‘Gastro Galley’, an opportunity for cadets to try some traditional Naval recipes at home. 

The first culinary delight was ‘Cheesy, Hammy, Eggy’, a favourite dish for lunch in the Royal Navy. Supported by a video from Cdr Main’s ‘galley’ at home, a number of cadets decided to try the recipe, and all were very successful. 

The recipe (should you wish to try it) and photos sent in by cadets can be seen below.