Nursery Lessons in the Great Outdoors
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This week our Nursery pupils have enjoyed a variety of lessons outside.  

Continuing the theme of learning about worms, the pupils put their Maths skills to the test to do some measuring. They made worms out of blocks, compared the size of the worms, and counted how many blocks long they were. 

This week the pupils noticed that the Woodland Classroom was a bit noisier...some birds have started to move in. They found a magpie building its nest, and this led to a discussion about different types of birds. The pupils made a class book about some of the birds they know, and the plan for next week is to answer some of the questions they have about birds. 

If anyone has been despairing at the state of their lockdown locks, the nursery children have a solution: The St Dunstan's Outdoor Salon. The children created their own hairdressing salon, discussing how they want their hair to be styled and making appointments among themselves.