Psychology students sample with skittles
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Today, our Year 12 Psychology students got the chance to learn more about sampling using skittles.

During the lesson, the A Level students used the skittles to demonstrate sampling (random, volunteer, opportunity, systematic and stratified) with the intention of highlighting how each type of sampling varies in terms of being representative of the target population and having bias.

Speaking about the lesson, Miss Haddington said: 'Students worked in small groups to carry out the task, showing fantastic collaboration skills. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing so much peer support in the group as well as every pupil being extremely engaged - although the reward of eating the skittles at the end probably helped.

'The lesson enabled our Psychologists to draw conclusions about the strengths and drawbacks of each type of sampling technique and therefore will enable them to apply this knowledge of sampling both when they carry out their own experiments and when given exam questions on the topic.'


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