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Skills for Life, radio shows and 3D shapes in the Junior School
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It has been a week like no other at St Dunstan’s as the College moved to remote learning amid the Coronavirus crisis.

Our pupils from Nursery to Sixth Form have been adapting to a new way of learning with virtual lessons and engagement with their teachers.

In the Junior School there has been an amazing variety of lessons delivered to pupils virtually. In Year 2, pupils have continued with their Skills for Life lessons learning about microbes and why we need to use soap when washing our hands.

Pre-Prep teacher, Miss Emily Rogers said: ‘At home the children filled a bowl with water and dropped in black pepper or a spice. They dipped their finger in and found when they removed it it was covered in the spice. After washing and drying their hands, they then covered their finger with soap and dipped it in again. They found that the spice was repelled and their finger had no coating.’

In other lessons, the Junior pupils have been creating moon buggies for aliens in IPC, making nets of 3D shapes in maths and designing fabulous paper dolls in art.


Meanwhile, in Year 5 the pupils have even been delivering their morning notes in the style of a radio show with little competitions.

Speaking about the week, Junior School Deputy Head Academic, Mr Alex Murphy said: ‘From the very start of this week, children have engaged positively with remote learning incredibly well.

‘Both parents and pupils have been wonderfully supportive and positive about remote learning, even in the face of some technical issues early on. I would like to say how proud I am of how the St Dunstan’s Junior School Community has taken to this new format of learning and how hard they have worked to be flexible and adaptable in these unprecedented circumstances.’

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