St Dunstan's unveils Remembrance Display 2019
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St Dunstan's has unveiled a large poppy display to mark this year's Remembrance Day.

This year, more than 650 poppies feature as part of the College's Remembrance display. This includes two rivers of poppies which flow from each side of the front entrance, and a giant poppy which has been installed on the front of the College.

Earlier this week, Mr Hewlett spoke to pupils about the importance of Remembrance. He said: 'I know I do not need to remind you that as the nights draw in we again find ourselves in the season of Remembrance. An occasion, every year, where we stop, reflect and consider those who have died in war.

'We recall those extraordinary numbers suffered by St Dunstan’s, now emblazoned on the walls behind me and on the balcony. Our school endured one of the highest percentage losses of any in the world. Our remembrance is of those Dunstonians and all others, in the Great Wars and in the many other theatres of conflict that have characterised our history.'


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