Students complete bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition
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This weekend, 72 students completed their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition. 

Read the full report from Mr Telford: 

With the easing of restrictions post-Easter, we have wasted no time in getting the students back into the great outdoors. Not being able to camp overnight meant that we had to adapt, and whilst I had very much hoped to offer the students a complete experience, my main priority was to ensure they were given the opportunity to achieve their awards in a safe manner. This meant that the first day was run from the College site, where the participants enjoyed a carousel of activities such as orienteering, first aid and safety procedures. As the day drew to a close and confident in their abilities, the students were ready to caste the theory aside and put their newfound skills into practise.

Year 10 piled onto the coach, filled with anticipation and super noodles, ready to tackle their first DofE expedition; and the Garden of England did not disappoint, as over seventy students got their first taste of the DofE by spending their day navigating their way through the Kent countryside in glorious sunshine. 

'The day passed seamlessly with only one minor hiccup, as the final group detoured from their route – clearly deciding that 12km was not far enough! After some reorientation, and Mr McClune to the rescue, they were quickly back on track.

Even throughout a period of great uncertainty, at St Dunstan’s College, we are proud to be able to offer young people the chance to complete their awards, which could not be achieved without the support of parent’s, staff, and students.