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Sustainability Committee meets to discuss future plans
  • School News

St Dunstan's Sustainability Committee met on Wednesday 2 October to discuss plans for the academic year ahead.

The Committee, which is the only working group in the College to be made up of pupils, staff and parents, aims to ensure St Dunstan's is a committed green and sustainable organisation.  During the meeting, the group heard from the pupil Green Society, caterers Holroyd Howe and other members on areas which the commitee should focus on going forward.

The College's aim is to reduce the use of plastic and waste across the site as much as possible in the next year. This will include introducing compost bins onsite and encouraging everybody to switch off their computers at night.

Last weekend, the 11+ and 13+ Open Morning bag contained a recyclable pen and our prospectuses are now printed on recyclable paper.

These are the small steps we are taking as an institution but have ambitious targets which we hope will make everybody proud.