Urdu Club looks at famous poems
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Urdu Club runs every Tuesday Forder time and is part of the MFL department's extra-curricular programme. Since beginning the club in 2019, the club has seen several students learn to read and write Urdu and become more confident in using the language.

Speaking about the latest activities, Mr Willoughby explained: 'This term, we have been looking at poetry and started with the famous poem لبپہآتیہےتمنامیری (My longing comes to my lips as a prayer of mine), a wonderful poem often learnt by school children in India and Pakistan. Written in 1902 my Muhammad Iqbal, the national poet of Pakistan. It speaks about a child's desire to be a force for good in the world.

'This week we are looking at صبحآزادی(The Dawn of Freedom), a poem written on the eve of independence by Faiz Ahmed Faiz in 1947. The poem questions the price of independence for India and Pakistan and carries a message of unity for the various ethnic groups that were displaced during the partition of India in 1947.' 

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