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Please see some of the highlights from week 7 of our remote learning in the Junior School. 

In Reception this week the Alien has landed! The pupils were excited to learn that the Aliens had left a cryptic message in the Reception classrooms, and they enjoyed a week of fun literacy and art activities to create their response. 

In IPC, Year 1 began their new 'Superhumans' topic. The pupils began by learning about parts of the body and the human skeleton. Early years teacher, Ms Leane, said ‘it was amazing to hear all of the facts and vocabulary that the children already knew, and there were lots of videos and life-size diagrams that showed off all this fantastic knowledge.’ 

In English, Year 1 were excited to launch their new class book, ‘Man on the Moon’, by Simon Bartram, with a virtual trip into space to visit the Moon. The pupils transformed into astronauts and took a rocket to the Moon, just like Bob does in the story. After exploring, they wrote brilliant descriptions of the Moon and recounted a typical day for Bob based on their experiences. 

Year 2 began the new term looking at poetry inspired by the arrival of spring. The pupils practiced sharing and extending their responses to the poems, as well as considering a choice of words to write their own. 

Year 2 started their new IPC topic, ‘What’s it made of?’, by creating sculptures using as many different types of materials as possible. Can you spot the materials used to make a robot, green hand fort and a junkasaurus? 

This week, Year 3 pupils have been working on salt dough snakes at home. Usually made with clay, Ms Smith gave pupils to recipe to make at home.

This week Year 5’s English work has been based on the short Albanian Film 'Oktapodi'. The pupils delved into the minds of the characters through role play before writing internal monologues of the characters thoughts and feelings at different points in the story. Year 5 teacher, Mr May, said: ‘Who knew Year 5 could encapsulate the thoughts and feelings of an escapee octopus so well!’ 

In English, Year 5 continued with the theme of 'getting into character' in their IPC lessons where they have been learning about MRS. GREN. Not a new teacher, but an acronym to help remember the 7 life processes that tell us whether something is alive. The pupils created posters to help them remember the acronym as well as what each word means.