Virtual SDC - Senior School Week 6 Highlights
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Please see some of the highlights from week 6 of our remote learning in the Senior School.

Y7 Mindfulness 

In Skills for Life, this week Year 1 learnt about Yoga and Meditation. Students completed asanas, pranayama, and relaxation, before practicing a calming Mindfulness technique. 


Y7 Biology 

Year 7 Biologists have been enjoying learning about Cell Structure. Abbie has enjoyed learning about the organelles found in plant and animal cells and is looking forward to finding out more about specialised cells after Exeat. 


Year 7 Design Engineering

Year 7 have been developing some new letter headed paper for the Design Engineering department for when we move over to the new STEM block. 


Year 8 Design Engineering

Year 8 have been submitting their completed portfolio this week. We are seeing some fantastic structures that have been created at home. Some even made from cake! 

Year 9 Design Engineering

Year 9 students have been evaluating their structues this week. 

Year 12 RPE 

Year 12 presented their understanding of the Just War Theory and applied its criteria to some case studies of recent war and conflicts. 

Year 13 RPE 

Year 13 RPE this week as well where students have been working collaboratively on an evaluative essay about the existence of the soul. 

Careers Event 

Our careers insight event this week focused on careers in Business, Finance and Entrepreneurship. Thank you to the delegates for sharing their expertise with students. Recordings of all insight events can be found on the Careers Firefly page.