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Please see some of the highlights from week 7 of our remote learning in the Senior School. 

In Art this week, our Year 7 activist-artists created striking posters around the theme of 'environmental awareness'. They learnt to create dynamic yet balanced compositions, using colouring pencils, watercolour techniques, and learnt how to develop slogans and imagery to represent their individual concepts. 

The next step to this project will be to create clay sculptures around their themes. We are excited to have our lovely students back in school, sinking our hands into some luscious clay! These will then be fired and glazed to become gorgeous pieces of ceramic art. Below is an example of this by Miss Restivo. 

In English, Year 7 have been looking at poetry of war. 

In Friday’s lesson, 7F were asked to find some images of conflict and present them to the rest of the class. The pictures were extraordinary, but far more impressive was the insight, compassion and empathy displayed by the students. 

In another English lesson, Year 7 shared their moving and sensitive responses to Jackie Kay's poem, 'The Looks of Loss', which tells the story of Arthur Rober, a Scottish soldier whose letters and diaries recount his experiences in World War One, and shockingly how he and other soldiers of colour were not included in post-war celebrations.

The poem also recounts the appalling racism he faced on his return to Scotland, which the students found extremely shocking given his immense sacrifices and great bravery as a soldier. The students discussed how important inclusive remembrance is, and why we must read and share stories like Arthur Roberts'.   

This week in History, students in Year 7 have been learning about the power of religion in medieval society. Church services in the medieval period were all in Latin, which was hard for the laity to understand. Subsequently, the best way for the laity to understand how to get into heaven was through 'Doom Paintings'. This is a traditional English term for a wall-painting of the Last Judgement. Students were tasked, as homework, to create their own Doom Painting. Here are a few of their submissions: 

In Biology, Year 11 have been learning about the human reproductive system. Below is a photo of Lara’s Mind Map of the human reproductive system.  

In Maths this week, Year 11 have been learning Differentiation with Velocity and Acceleration; a topic also seen in A-Level Mathematics. Despite being in remote learning, the students have tackled this head-on, with a strong understanding of the topic – evidenced by the classwork they submit on Firefly at the end of each lesson. Some have even accessed the recording of the lessons again to fully understand, and having a recording to hand these past few weeks has been a huge benefit to them. 

Year 12 French students have been exploring music from the French-speaking world. Recently they have explored the classic French stars of La Chanson Française, such as Édith Piaf, and have looked at how this music came to represent French culture worldwide and lay the foundations for the genre ‘Nouvelle Scène Française’. Students also looked at the influence of immigration on the French music scene, studying ‘Raï’n’B’, a genre brought to France by Maghrebi immigrants that fuses Arabic North African Raï with French popular music. They also discussed the genres of Zouk (from the French Antilles), Zouglou (from Ivory Coast) and Bouyon (from Dominica). Recently students looked at the French rap industry and it’s split from the American rap scene for political reasons. They looked in particular at Diam’s, and the influence her conversion to Islam had on her French rap. 

In Design Engineering, Year 12 have been completing their recycling projects. See some of the finished creations below: