Year 11 Royal Navy Cadets attend three-day course
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During the first weekend of the October Exeat, a group of our Year 11 Royal Navy (RN) Cadets attended a three-day Section Cadet Instructor Course.

The course, which was held at Crowborough Training Camp, was an opportunity for the 11 Cadets to develop various skills that they have acquired during their CCF training and prepare them for the more senior ranks in the section.

The demanding course included preparing and delivering practical and theory lessons, drill instruction, raising their levels of general RN knowledge, discussion on leadership and snap talks.  The material prepared by the Cadets will be used in the section to support the Year 9 and Year 10 syllabus work.

Following the successful course, the Cadets went on to enjoy a ‘congratulatory’ trip to central London on Monday 21 October, with the lunch venue overlooking HMS Belfast, and some time on the water with the Thames RIB experience. Well done to everyone!

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