Year 13 Diploma Graduation Ceremony
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Year 13's achievements and resilience was celebrated on Friday 18 June with the Diploma Graduation Ceremony.

During his opening remarks, Mr Hewlett paid tribute to the students following the challenges of the last 15 months.

'For many of you, this ceremony marks the end of a long road, for others less of a long road, but for all of you this marks a change. A significant change. One of the most significant changes in your lives. You may well argue that you are used to change having lived the last 15 months in the way you have. And I am very conscious that it has not been at all easy – you have lived through more uncertainty, more change and unknowns than any generation arguably since the Second World War.

'I am well aware of just how challenging that will have been for you. Not to know about things you have always assumed to be unchallengeable – public exams, socialising with peers, the health and security of your family and friends – the circumstances of these last months will have inevitably placed enormous strain upon you and asked you draw on great reserves of inner strength.'

Watch the full ceremony here