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Year 13 Scholars' Symposium
  • Sixth Form

On Tuesday 19 November, Head of Sixth Form , Mr Brewer, held a Symposium for all Year 13 scholars in order to recognise the culmination of the two year journey of Sixth Form scholars.

Essays and projects were of very high quality and topics were extremely diverse from an “Analysis of the Relationship between Feminism and Fairytales” to a project studying “To what extent is childhood trauma a factor towards young adults committing gang violence” or a very personal project on “Exile- my grandmother’s trek to freedom, 1940-1948” or a project on “Carbon Neutrality”.

The event was buzzing with parents and our guest of honour was an Alumni of the school, Greg Holder, who now works for the conservation of sharks in South Africa. He  delivered the panel’s verdict and the winner was Ottillie with runners up George, Portialee, Iffy and Polly.

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