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Nursery Curriculum

Our Nursery curriculum is built around the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, with a strong focus on developing physical, communication and social skills. We see that in building these essential foundations, pupils are able to go on and thrive academically as their educational journey continues through our Junior School. 

Our Nursery lessons, activities and resources are designed to enable our highly-skilled staff to base their planning on the interests of the children in each cohort, ensuring that all areas of our unique, ambitious and bespoke curriculum are covered from a child-centred viewpoint. We teach all fundamental Early Years Foundation Stage skills through a mixture of play-based learning and teacher-directed tasks.

Creating a sense of joy and an excitement to learn is essential when planning our teaching and learning opportunities within our Nursery setting. We respond to children in the moment, using every opportunity to extend their thinking and challenge their understanding further. Our experienced and qualified Nursery staff make it their priority to have high-level interactions with children while they are playing and use these moments to inform their planning and cater to children’s individual needs. This is supported by our high staff to pupil ratio; our Nursery class is led by a trained teacher and three highly-skilled and qualified teaching assistants, who work hard to get to know the pupils as unique individuals.