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Nursery Pastoral Care

Children’s wellbeing is at the centre of everything we do. The initial stages of the Nursery year are spent building the emotional vocabulary of our youngest pupils, so that they are able to express themselves and communicate how they are feeling. The teachers spend time building relationships with each child, learning their individual needs and how to support them in the best way possible. Pupil individuality is respected and encouraged as the children develop the ability to work as a group and develop respect and understanding for one another.

Communication with Nursery parents is viewed as essential, in order to support children both in their wellbeing and academic development from a collaborative school and home approach. We use the platform Tapestry to record the children’s experiences and achievements at school, which parents have access to throughout the year. Formal Parents’ Evenings are held three times a year, but the Nursery staff maintain regular contact with parents face to face, via email and on the phone, depending on the needs of the child and what works best for our families. Parents receive an informal report via Tapestry in the Michaelmas and Lent terms, as well as a formal school report in the Trinity term.

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