Academic Life

Known as the Hecker Curriculum, our core academic programme teaches a broad range of subjects from Year 7 onwards, with students engaging with subject specialists who are passionate about learning and teaching throughout their time in the Senior School. Our Hecker curriculum maintains breadth for the entire Lower School journey, with students learning the full-range of subjects throughout Years 7-9, before students choose GCSE options from Year 10.  

We want students to be taught through their academic subjects how to learn as individuals, and to become the thinkers and problem-solvers of tomorrow. Our innovative culture of Learning Scores, where students are rewarded for their approach to learning and able to influence their termly grades through their own choices, demonstrates our belief that firm foundations of values and attitude, lead to later success.

The 17 subjects taught are: English, mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computing, Classics 9including Latin), geography, History, Religion, Philosophy and Ethics, Art, Design and Technology, Drama, Music, Physical Education and games, and two Modern Foreign languages (from a choice of Spanish, French and German).


Our Additional Curriculum 

Independence as a school allows us great opportunities to go beyond the Core Curriculum syllabus; our Additional Curriculum, known as the Stuart Programme, teaches students vital skills for wherever their futures take them, and prepares them for adult life. Our Additional Curriculum covers three key strands of relationships, skills for the future and critical thinking and rhetoric. 

From Year 7, students are taught by trained teachers lessons ranging from Fist Aid or Interpersonal Skills and Yoga to Trade, Conflict and Peace.