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Co-curricular Programme

Our broad offering of co-curricular activities forms a vital part of our education of students, which we proudly cement as a central part of each school day with activities taking place during a dedicated timetabled period. We encourage our students to engage with new and developing interests throughout their journeys with us, coached and mentored by specialists.

Our community values its importance and students understand that committing to an ambitious programme is an investment in their own development. This ambitious and forward-thinking programme offers opportunities for character development, in its broadest possible context. 

This is reflected in the way the programme is organised – with all activities in one of five profiles - each one based on a College value:

Courage: Combined Cadet Forces (CCF), Duke of Edinburgh & adventurous activity

Curiosity: academic enrichment, student societies & clubs

Creativity: art, dance, design, drama & music

Compassion: charity, community service, volunteering & leadership

Core: core sports, development sports & wellness

Students can choose from between 100-150 different activities each term. In the spirit of our College motto, we are consistent with our expectation that students will ‘adorn the white’ by being ambitious with their planning, having the courage to try new things and then committing wholeheartedly to their programme. High levels of commitment require support, and we regularly send attendance reports to our pastoral team, who encourage students to reflect on their journey, to maximise its impact. Beyond this, each student has the freedom to map out their own individual, unique journey and make their own choices based on their own interests.

The school day is structured to support the delivery of such an extensive programme, with a timetabled slot after lunch dedicated to co-curricular activity. Whilst most activities take place at this time, there are also a selection of clubs that operate before school from 0730-0815 and after school from 1615-1730. Students that commit to some of the higher profile co-curricular areas, such as Sport, Drama, Music and the CCF, will also benefit from opportunities on Saturday mornings.

Our Forder Prospectus includes more information about the Programme