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Sport and Exercise Science


Through sport, we have a unique opportunity to influence and inspire the young people at the College. Sport gives them the opportunity to learn about themselves: how they respond to challenges and pressure; how to work with team-mates and opponents; and about the culture that they perform within. Our sporting environment inspires all to enjoy and achieve their potential not just in sport, but when they go back into the classroom and on into their chosen careers.

Our Sport & Exercise Science (SES) curriculum is diverse and inclusive, to ensure that every child can benefit from positive early experiences. We recognise that the true value of sport is that way it supports the development of character, and this is the focus of lessons. Our subject specialists utilise their expertise to ensure the curriculum is supplemented with knowledge from all SES disciplines, so that students understand how their bodies work. This understanding creates a sense of purpose, whilst equipping students with the skills and knowledge to build active, healthy lifestyles.

Our co-curriculum offers further breadth and diversity of opportunity so that every student is given the chance to find the sports that they love. The department is a constant hive of activity with students of all ages working alongside each other to pursue their passions. Our gender-neutral approach to sport means that where gender is still often a barrier to participation in certain sports in schools, at St Dunstan’s, every child has equal access to opportunity across the full spectrum of sports.

We believe that we offer something for everyone. At St Dunstan’s, we provide every child with the best possible start to their unique sporting journey, regardless of where it leads.

Through out multi-ability focused curriculum, our diverse Forder Programme and the competitive playing experiences of our core sporting programmes, there really is something for everyone.

The most significant and recent change is our unique and forward-thinking approach to gender-neutral sporting provision. The sporting landscape has changed and schools really must take the lead. Gender cannot be a barrier to any individual getting access to a sport that they love, and a sport curriculum must provide equal opportunities to all. St Dunstan's College believes that prioritising opportunity for all will not just support our existing competitive programmes, but will see them continue to evolve, flourish and thrive.

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