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Aiming High

Our Oxford and Cambridge Support Programme

Students considering applying for highly-competitive university places are supported with a programme of academic seminars, run by specialist teachers providing an environment of robust academic debate and thought-provoking questions.

Students who wish to continue with an application to Oxford and Cambridge are supported through a dedicated series of lectures which elucidate and explain the processes and requirements for making a strong application, as well as providing support with personal statements, entrance exam preparation and mock interviews.

The Universities of Cambridge and Oxford are the oldest and most famous seats of learning in the country. To gain entrance is not a magic trick: the admissions process is run by respected academics who have behind them over 1000 years’ experience of picking the brightest and best students from across the world.Successful students are academically curious, passionate about their subject areas, ambitious and willing to think in different ways.

The Oxbridge Programme at St Dunstan’s will:

  • Provide students with information about the universities and demystify the process
  • Develop students’ abilities to think in different ways, to accept academic challenge, and to express their thoughts out loud
  • Support them with personal statement writing, further reading, entrance exam preparation and the interview
  • Provide subject expert mentoring to support all of the above

Find out more about the Aiming High Support Programme below.

Academic Seminars

An exciting programme of student-led seminars, discussing thought-provoking topics. We encourage you to think out loud, answer difficult questions, be open to new perspectives, and to gain confidence in explaining your thoughts.

You can present on any topic. Here are some example questions that you could explore in more depth:

  • Should poetry be difficult to understand?
  • If I were to visit the area where you live, what would I be interested in?
  • What is the difference between intelligent, wise and clever?

Oxbridge Preparation Series

This series will give you all the information you need to answer questions such as: “how does the application process work?”, “what are the universities like?”, “how do I choose a subject or college?”, and more.

  • Week 1- Why Oxford or Cambridge?
  • Week 2- Colleges, Faculties and Societies
  • Week 3- Developing your interest and passion
  • Week 4- Exploring the interview
  • Week 5- One-to-one subject consultations
  • Week 6- Writing your Personal Statement with Oxbridge in mind
  • Week 7- Entrance exam preparation
  • Week 8- Making the most of your summer

Intense Support Programme

Following a one-to-one Personal Statement consultation at the start of term, we will support you in the following ways as you prepare to complete your application by the end of September:

  • Weekly personal statement progress checks
  • Support from a subject expert teacher
  • Mock entrance exams
  • Model interviews
  • Internal and external mock interviews

Oxbridge Coordinator

Oxbridge Coordinator, Tom Scambler, studied Mathematics at the University of Cambridge where he specialised particularly in Geometry, Groups and Analysis.

He has taught Mathematics, and occasionally Computer Science, for nearly 10 years, and has taught at St Dunstan’s for five of those, during which time he has run Go Club, Coding Club, Hans Woyda and Maths Masterclass.

He is also a member of the Sixth Form team and is currently Head of Year. 

For more information, please email tscambler@sdmail.org.uk