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Discover our Sixth Form

We are a little different at St Dunstan’s College. Set in the heart of south-east London, we are proud of our vibrant and diverse community, contemporary values and shared histories. It is from this unique proving ground that we produce students of dynamism and excellence. They are academically gifted with a sense that the future is theirs to shape. This comes from a dedication to their studies and a wish to test theory against the prevailing thinking of the day.

How do we achieve this? First, by careful selection of a cohort of students for both their mind and their values. And then by building a collegiate-style relationship between teacher and student, finding out what each wants to achieve in whatever field of life they choose, and supporting each to be the leader of their own journey. Similarly, we look to learn from our students, taking your view of the world and having it better mould our own in a mutually rewarding partnership.

To enhance this potential, we look at a student’s  character alongside their grades, and we think about individual futures holistically, not simply through academic ranking.

In recognition of this fact, the Sixth Form experience here is exemplified through the St Dunstan’s Diploma which seeks to capture the breadth of your academic and personal development across your two years with us. Besides the enrichment of the mind, becoming specialists in their chosen A Level subject areas, students also learn to apply their knowledge-base practically, so that they will learn to run a bank account, communicate using sign language, climb a rock face, lead a discussion, or plan and host a community event. These aptitudes are as important to us as the training required to take a traditional exam.

If the future is uncertain, then today we should prepare for that unknown. Together we embark upon a collaborative journey of adventure and discovery, allowing individuals to flourish and talent to manifest. Join us in becoming your future, today.

Mr Alex Brewer

Head of Sixth Form, St Dunstan’s College


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