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Discover our Sixth Form

We are a little different at St Dunstan’s College Sixth Form. Set in the heart of south-east London, we are proud of our vibrant and diverse community, and build on these contemporary values and shared histories. 

Certainly, we offer you the chance to make outstanding grades and access universities or apprenticeships demonstrating your widening knowledge of the world. But that is the least of it. For really, we are interested in forming a more collegiate-style relationship between teacher and student, finding out what you want to achieve, in whatever field of life you choose, and so become leaders of your journeys. Similarly, we look to learn from you, taking your view of the world and have it better mould our views in a mutually rewarding partnership.

To shape this potential, we look at character as much as at your grades, and we think about individual futures in the round, and the communities we serve, and not simply through academic ranking alone.

Alongside A Levels, we place equal weight on fostering all-round life skills. From the practical aptitudes and knowledge base that will allow you to run a bank account, know sign language, climb a rock face, lead a discussion, plan and host a community event, these are as important to us as the training required to take a traditional exam. In recognition of this fact, the Sixth Form experience here is much more than A Levels. This is why we call it the St Dunstan’s Diplomaand we believe it will better equip students for your yet to be discovered adult lives.

Mr Alex Brewer

Head of Sixth Form