Over 80% of our pupils go on to Russell Group Universities

Life after St Dunstan’s

Preparing for university

The College provides extensive support with the process of applying to university, whether UK-based or internationally. The Head of UCAS runs a series of events to prepare students for university application including inviting university Admissions Tutors to speak with students, providing one-to-one guidance sessions and getting to grips with the all-important personal statement as well as more practical sessions on student finance, accommodation and gap years.

Students considering applying for highly-competitive university places, particularly but not exclusively at Oxford and Cambridge, will be offered information and advice on how to proceed through our Jelly Bean Club, which meets regularly with a dedicated advisor. These students attend specialist seminars, interview preparation sessions and mock interviews.

Students aspiring to professions such as Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science are also supported through the process by a designated member of staff who will oversee your application progress and provide guidance on entrance examinations and interview preparation. A student-run Medical Society also meets regularly and organises speakers, mock interviews and a reading group.


The College’s Head of Careers, Ms Rich, is available to students to support them with their career aspirations and with work experience opportunities. Each year, the College holds a very popular Careers Convention which is attended by delegates from a diverse range of fields, reflecting the diverse range of employment opportunities pursued by our students and allowing them to network and ask questions of those with the most up to date careers information. Students will also be supported with writing CVs, application forms and advice on interviews and assessment centres via the tutorial programme.

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Alumni Community

The Dunstonian Association is launching an Alumni Platform in 2019 which will allow Alumni  to connect and reunite online. This will be a powerful tool for all former students to remain connected with life at St Dunstan’s.

Highlights will include:

  • PROFILE: Alumni will be able to create a profile or synch with LinkedIn to join the community.
  • DIRECTORY: Former students will be able to reconnect with old friends and invite others on to the portal.
  • JOBS and OPPORTUNITIES: Job vacancies, internships and study placements will be shared with all connections.
  • EVENTS: Upcoming events taking place at St Dunstan’s College whether it be a drama production, a Dunstonian Association reunion or a lunchtime Lecture, will be posted on the platform

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