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St Dunstan's Diploma

The St Dunstan’s College Diploma is a flexible, choice driven, forward-thinking and ambitious programme of education that is designed to help Sixth Form students transition successfully to an adulthood of personal well-being and prosperity. Complemented by our new state of the art Sixth Form study space, café, and learning resource centre, the Diploma fosters the perfect environment for the acquisition of knowledge, and the shaping of character, whilst preparing our young people to help lead in a future not yet written. This is why there are three strands to the Diploma: Knowledge; Character; Futures.

The St Dunstan's Diploma

The Diploma acts as a framework through which A Levels are delivered and supported, but is augmented by a range of specific courses and opportunities that are designed to develop the acquisition of key life skills, as well as the fostering of character and identity, at a crucial point in a young adult’s educational journey. These link directly to the College values of Courage, Creativity, Confidence, Compassion and Curiosity, but now take on a new role through the opportunity to learn and take on Leadership responsibilities.

A St Dunstan’s Sixth Former will be industrious, self-motivated and supported by the diverse community that is the hallmark of our College. Unafraid of new challenges, because they have the support of their friends and mentors, our students see their chance to hone all of their talents whether by hand, mind or body and so lead their fellow students in an experience of shared exploration and fellow-feeling - building friendships which they will entertain for life. We run against the grain of identikit factory-scale exam production now seen in many institutions, and instead aim at the education of whole person, at a scale where every sixth former is able to know and share these experiences together. In this way, thorough dedication and industry alongside a dedicated team of tutors and mentors, the students create a true foundation to make a rounded success of their lives.

Diverse in every way – academically, socially, and intellectually. The St Dunstan’s ethos could come across as a bit ‘woke’ on paper, but in real life we found the school to be inspiring, both liberating and liberal thanks to interesting leadership, committed teaching and a very engaged student body. A great school for unstuffy polymaths

- Good Schools Guide, 2021